Oh my gosh, it seems like this business was about 31 years in the making.

Then again, it really was.

Anyone who knows me knows that I wear my interests on my sleeve. From the moment you meet me, you know I’m a geek. From my massive Tee Fury¬†shirt collection to my purses, pins, hair clips, sweatshirts… it’s out there.

I’m a geek and I’m proud.

What started Geeky Haberdashery?

I wasn’t happy at the job I was at. I was disrespected to the point where I quit and decided that it was time to put my career(s) into the fast lane and focus on myself. Now, the only person that can hold me back is, well, myself.

I’m a film school graduate who wants to write, direct, and produce television and films. I’m still working to achieve that dream. I’m also a photographer, and working on building my portfolio back up after a massive computer surge fried my laptop, hard drive, and backup drive all in one go.

I hope you all enjoy this ride with all the twists, turns, tunnels, and everything else that comes its way.