(Hand mannequins are on my list to get next.)

Before I decided to start a business, I had bought a ton of yarn, especially black, in one pound skeins. I had a few projects in mind and I’d knew I’d need a bunch of yarn for them. Since then, I’ve re-worked some of those patterns to require less yarn and a few different brands that I now prefer to work with over Red Heart (which I still use, it’s just no longer my complete straight “go-to” yarn.).

I’ve always wanted to make fingerless gloves/arm warmers, so who else to start with besides Harley Quinn*? I’m not a huge fan of Batman, but I do love the villains. I will also be working on Marvel characters (Hello, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye even though I have to get purple yarns to do them.), various Pokeballs, and a couple of others that I’m not ready to talk about. 

With winter slowly dwindling away, I want to focus more on spring/summer wearables and working more with cotton and lighter-weight yarns. And these are perfect for that!

*I love Harley, but in no way condone the abusive relationship that is her and Joker.