Welcome to the blog of Geeky Haberdashery.

Geeky Haberdashery was found out of the love and enjoyment of everything Geek.

A little bit about myself: I’m a proud SlytherClaw who enjoys romps through Middle Earth, Boldly Going where ever the Family Business takes her, chasing after A Madman in a Box, and pondering how Harry Dresden managed to make it as far in life as he has.

Everything sold in the Geeky Haberdashery shop is hand made with all the love and devotion of a 50+ year sci-fi show one can muster.

This blog will an edition to the journey as I begin to build my store. There will be lots of rambling, behind the scenes images, and random posts featuring pictures of my animals and probably what books I’m currently working on.

So buckle up, grab your Caf-Pow, and enjoy the ride.